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mental health nurse – i want what SHE has

331 Jo Shuman “Mental Health Nurse”

Jo Shuman is a mental health nurse, in the field for 30 years. She has worked in several settings: Community Mental Health Clinics; Substance Abuse Programs; a State Prison; and has spent the last 10 years working for the Ulster County Mobile Mental Health Team. She just completed  a year long program through Psychedelics Today called Vital: Psychedelic Therapies and Integration. She has been a volunteer for the Restorative Justice 180 Program for 10 years and marvels at the growth she has witnessed in the youth it serves. She is a life long activist and has experienced the power of civil disobedience and getting into good trouble. She is also a proud mother of four in a blended family and grandmother of 8.

Today we get to learn about Jo and her beautiful life, from fighting back against racist behavior in junior high, to protecting the land and humans from uranium mining and the danger in the transport of nuclear weapons, she’s been a long time activist who is really lead by her heart in all she does. We learn about her work and why she’s taken on such impactful roles, what she’s learned about humans and relating with others, and how we can better take care of ourselves and others. Our conversation goes philosophically deep into many of the issues that Jo has been involved with in her work, and she shares her insight eloquently. If you’d like to connect with Jo as a resource in any of the subjects she discussed, please reach out and I will connect you. You can also find her on Instagram.

She’s beginning a monthly gathering for folks who have had a psychedelic or non-ordinary state experience in conjunction with the O+ Festival on July 9th. RSVP if you’d like to be a part of it.

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