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morning matcha – i want what SHE has

#25 Cal Patch (Crochet, Entrepeneur) / Hawley Hussie (HHArtLab) “Happiness and Freedom…that’s SUCCESS”

In this week’s Girl Talk, Shana shares a tip on a new podcast from Dana Falsetti, a self defined "fat" yoga teacher who’s podcast dives into confidence, authenticity, critical thinking, body justice, inclusivity and awareness. Theresa offers up another Morning Matcha podcast on emotional metabolism with Dr. Habib Sadeghi which she found helpful in better understanding the benefits of mindfulness and not collecting residual emotional build up from moment to moment.

HOT FLASH! Shana’s having a hot flash. She’s pissed. A woman who will remain unnamed is critical of 12 step programs, and Shana believes, it’s all hands on deck. We are in a crisis and these programs are helping people. Haters should just "shut up!"

Our first guest Cal Patch joins us in the studio to talk about moving through her dreams of becoming a designer and a shopkeeper to finding her happy place on a mini-farm in the Hudson Valley where she can crochet, sew, weave, make art, and teach her craft to those who want to learn. She’s written a book on pattern making which you can buy from your local bookstore, just ask them to order it for you. Find her in the Valley and beyond teaching and bring your maker self alive.

Hawley Hussey, artist, writer, occasional performer, a living room lounge singer, cold water swimmer, Coney Island Mermaid, educator and activist joins us in the studio to talk about how she’s created her current life affirming gig at the HHArtLab which is a contemporary art makers space where newly arrived immigrants and special needs children can deepen their personal art practice and build community. Hawley shares her values in life and how they help her make decisions about what to do and how to do it. She finishes up by serenading Shana and Theresa with her rendition of "God’s Plan" by Drake.

Tomorrow’s the New Moon, and Theresa shared Mystic Mamma’s beautiful words about loving our whole selves, that’s ALL the parts!

Stay tuned for next week’s show where we invite Tiziana Agnello, owner of Love Thy Beast, and Jill Bressler, Designer turned User Experience expert. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.

Dana Falsetti

Morning Matcha

Cal Patch

Hawley Hussey

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