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mourning – i want what SHE has

276 Mental Health and Personal Freedom with Kristina Sarhadi

Kristina Sarhadi is a holistic therapist, Reiki Master, writer, and “recovering social worker.” A Hudson Valley native, she is the founder of Kingston Reiki + Holistic Therapy in Downtown Kingston, where she also runs The New Leaf Holistic Health Clinic with Dr. Ileana Tecchio and Dr. Glenn Finley. Kristina studied at Vassar College, UC Berkeley, the University of Southern California, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Soma Healing Center, and received the International Health Leadership Award in 2011. Since 2012 she has lived in Kingston, where she is an ongoing Clinic Provider at The O+ Festival, an active member of several mutual aid and wellness circles, an enthusiastic punk show attendee and a published poet. She has received several awards for her writing and multiple Chronogrammies for her work with clients. Most recently, she was voted Best Mental Health Counselor in 2023. Prior to opening her private practice, Kristina spent a decade in social services as a domestic violence counselor, foster care case manager, teen mentor, women’s legal advocate, Early Intervention specialist, youth arts group director, and crisis counselor for victims of abuse, neglect and sexual assault. Because she has always been obsessed with balancing pain and joy, she has also taught preschool, run a cupcake shop, managed local bands, and written for several punk music publications.

Currently, Kristina works with clients to integrate deep trauma exploration with energy work and narrative reframing—helping folks of all ages become more mindful, empowered and joyful in their daily lives. An Iranian-Italian-American, Kristina’s philosophy centers around self-empowerment, mindfulness techniques, and consciousness engineering—a combination of ancient Eastern practices and modern Human Potential modalities. On rare days off she can be found reading in a sunspot with her tiny cat, Button, or laughing till her stomach hurts with her three sisters, two nieces, and one nephew.

Today Kristina shares how and why she works to support other’s mental health. We talk about the difficulties people may experience on Memorial Day mourning the loss of family members/friends while others protest the day for its perceived pro-military agenda or bypass the grief with barbecues. Kristina shares some thoughts on how to navigate the days’ heaviness.

She opens up about her own process of grief and loss related to a long term relationship/friendship and how it has taught her the power of making hard decisions when they are the ones that will open you up to living authentically in your personal freedom. This wasn’t her first challenging transition in life. You can read more about the serious accident that caused the pivot in her career leading her to where she is today.

Because of her personal experiences in cutting cords that don’t serve you, Kristina supports her clients in doing the same, often helping them release and repair when needed.

I loved this conversation and related to so much of Kristina’s lived experience. She’s such an inspiration! She can be found on Instagram, Facebook or reached via phone/text (845-383-0137) for anyone interested in connecting with her and her work.

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