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peaceful activism – i want what SHE has

#105 Artist and Writer, Tanya Zabinski “Peace, Love, Action!”

Today’s guest is such a beautiful human, ok yes, we all are! Tanya Zabinski is an artist, writer, and peaceful activist who recently published, “Peace, Love, Action! Everyday Acts of Goodness.” This book is full of historical and educational information about change makers and peaceful activists plus suggestions about what you can do to be a peaceful activist yourself. She’ll be at the Winter Hoot this weekend and is speaking at 5pm on Friday, January 31st. Tanya and I become fast friends and talk about all the stuff. How she met Mike and Ruthy of the Mammals and founders of The Hoot, the process of making the book, getting an agent, trying to get published for over 30 years, gratitude, combining an issue you love with something you care about, how she was raised, choosing art, raising children, following your heart, working with her husband on her business Planet Love, why making art is important, and self care. As my Mom said to me after the show, Tanya’s “happiness is contagious!”

The Mammals who are performing at the Hoot this Saturday, Feb. 1st at 8:30pm!

Here’s the link to Bright as You Can!

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