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polarization – i want what SHE has

206 Spirituality and Politics and Ending Polarization with Marielena Ferrer

It’s the return of our monthly conversation about Spirituality and Politics with Marielena Ferrer. Today we take inspiration from an episode of the Dan Harris Podcast 10% Happier about How You Help End Polarization and Inequality and Get Happier Too. It features Robert Putnam and Shaylan Romney Garrett who wrote the book, The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again. Without having read the book, we discuss different elements mentioned on the podcast about the “I, We, I” curve as well as the suggested factors that worked to facilitate change during times of great divide in American history. History doesn’t provide a perfect solution, but it can form the basis for inspiration to help facilitate more communication, collaboration and less division in our present day America. Are your “I” and “We” balanced? Who else is in for giving it a try?

Thanks to Ian Seda from Radio Kingston for engineering today’s show!

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