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retirement – i want what SHE has

#104 Joanne Leffeld, the Moolah Doula on “Healing Our Relationship with Money”

Welcome to Season 3!!!

Today, my guest is Joanne Leffeld, more famously known as the “Moolah Doula.” She’s worn many roles in her life including certified financial planner, mom, yoga teacher, artist, hospice volunteer, business partner in a lighting design company and more recently an end of life doula. She’s had her share of ups and downs but believes there’s always an opportunity to birth a new life, and she helps people do that through the lens of understanding their relationship to money. She can relate to the full range of emotions the discussion of money provokes and helps people overcome their fear of birthing their new financial life. And that’s why she’s the @moolahdoula

Today, we got into A LOT! The importance of your first memory of money, learning what you value, learning how to value yourself, navigating the money talk with a partner, the importance of communication, honesty, how to work with your inner child, the fear of not having enough money, yoga and listening to your inner wisdom. Joanne’s work feels like a gift to me, both on a personal level, but also in how it is the seed of potential in healing the problems that money causes in our world. Thank you for your work Joanne!

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston,

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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