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#198 June Millington “From Fanny to Institute for Musical Arts”

Today I have the ultimate honor to share my conversation with June Millington, a Filipino American guitarist, songwriter, producer, educator, actress and writer. She was the co-founder and lead guitarist of the all-female rock band Fanny, which was active from 1970 to 1974. After leaving the band, June went in pursuit of her spiritual path, continued to make music, collaborate, act, write and is the co-founder and artistic director of the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) aka the “Magical Queendom” in Goshen, Massachusetts.

The Institute for the Musical Arts was co-founded with partner Ann Hackler in Northern California in 1986 and received its nonprofit status in 1987.  It operated its studio and programs from Bodega, California’s historic Old Creamery until 2001 when property was purchased in Western Massachusetts for a permanent facility. The institute’s nonprofit mission is to support women and girls in music and music-related businesses.  Rooted in the legacy of progressive equal rights movements, IMA’s development is guided by the visions, needs and concerns of women from a diversity of backgrounds and has grown from the need to nourish ourselves and each other. In addition to its summer programs for girls, IMA offers concerts and workshops year-round in support of its nonprofit mission which, unless otherwise noted, are open to the public.

Today June shares about how they are supporting girls at IMA, leaving Fanny, feminism, foremothers, Buddhism, cancer, life lessons and what’s she’s got on the horizon.

Here are the important links for you! IMA and their Summer Programs. Memoir, Land of a Thousand Bridges. And if you want more of the  Fanny story, you can check out where to stream Fanny: The Right to Rock.

You can support IMA by joining in their upcoming November 20th and 27th events, both of which will be livestreamed! And stay tuned for June’s upcoming release, “Snapshots.”

You can check out June’s TEDxTalk, “Rocking the Boat: How Playing Like a Girl Can Change the World.”

Linking here also to Ann Hackler’s TEDx Talk, “Leading from the Kitchen.”

And finally the Go Fund Me for Jean Millington, June’s sister.

Here’s the Full Moon report I read from!

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