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saying no – i want what SHE has

201 Isis Benitez “I’m Worthy”

On today’s show I share my very real conversation with Isis Benitez, a 22 year old woman who is struggling with loving her body for how it looks. She has struggled time and time again with thinking that she is “fat” (a term she uses). Benitez’s biggest struggle is when she tries to love herself so much but thinks her stomach is the problem. She sees herself as being a big girl, and therefore she made the Instagram account called @_im.worthy_ to help her in this process. She wants to be able to be her 100% authentic self and not be ashamed of her body. With the body image struggle, Benitez also struggles with the fear of saying “No” to others and letting other people down. A lot of this has to do with how society sees Women in America and the expectations and pressure to have to look and act a certain way. Now Isis Benitez is able to speak out on what is truly affecting her with loving herself and loving being a woman.

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