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sexual assault – i want what SHE has

218 Trauma or Toxic Masculinity

Today’s show is dedicated to Sexual Assault Awareness Month and an exploration of toxic masculinity. Inspired by the anger displayed at the Oscars and the Grammy awarded to Louis CK, I dig into some questions I have about the source of this behavior and the ways we can work together to prevent it. I share the following talks and words from others who’ve spoken on these subjects including lots of my own thoughts. Would love to hear yours.

Tony Porter‘s (A Call to Men) Ted Talk about the “Man Box.”.

Are there problems with the term toxic masculinity.

Jackson Katz’s TedxTalk “Violence against women – it’s a men’s issue” and the bystander approach.

How is trauma related to toxic masculinity, “How Trauma Creates Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity to Male Fragility

Privilege’s role in this healing/changing this behavior. Chuck Derry from Gender Violence Institute May 3, 2019

Man Enough Podcast and Justin Baldoni’s TedTalk

How are we all complicit with the adherence to traditional masculinity in the military.

Can women be toxically masculineToxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity

Some other resources mentioned:

Ulster County Crime Victims Services yoga and other classes here in Ulster County.

People’s Place’s Empowerment Center Holistic Healthcare Day.

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