#157 Edie Pijpers “We Are the Ones”

Edie Pijpers is a self-taught artist who picked up her first guitar at 20 in L.A. to learn a couple of chords so she could start expressing and writing. She learned to record and produce her own music and the year 2020 gave rise to a brand new album We Are The Ones. Edie is also a painter who started painting in her late twenties in Nashville which led her to creating and publishing several children’s books. She also plays around with animation, see her short film “Day” and music videos. Her process of painting as with music is about flow. Of not believing that mistakes exist. Any move is part of the whole and the creation. It requires a great amount of trust. And diligent work/practice! 

Today we talk about her start in music and how it has progressed over the years to her most recent album, “We Are the Ones.” We listen to several songs, talk about the meanings of them which takes us into conversations about the shadow, our selves, presence and intention. Of course we also talk about her whimsical art, being in the flow, meditating and self care.

From We Are the Ones, we listen to:

“In the Shadows,” “We Are the Ones,” “Nature Knows,” “Poets of the New World”

Today’s show was engineered by Nick Panken of Freedom Highway on Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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#8 Lori Ann King (Author) / Vickie Tanner (Writer, Performer) “Hashtag Me Too”

On today’s show Shana and Theresa break down the #metoo conversation further by looking at the messages they received as young women and how those messages shaped how they’ve responded to men and sexual harassment in their lives.

Special guest, Lori Ann King, writer, author, athlete and health and nutrition coach talks about her personal health journey through a hysterectomy, an oophorectomy, and the sudden onset of surgical menopause. Lori’s book, Come Back Strong, beautifully depicts her challenges through this journey and the ways she’s been able to build back her health and happiness.

Vickie Tanner, a NYC actor, writer and producer, originally from Los Angeles who has worked in film, TV and theatre with Peter Berg, Sir Peter Hall, Donald Margulies and Stacy Cochran. Vickie is the writer and performer of Running Into Me, a solo play which she’s performed in NY, L.A. and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Vickie shares her story about pursuing her dreams as an actor in NYC.

Self care this week takes us to Shana’s safe place where she follows her process as she’s reminded from her friends who follow theirs. Theresa shares about the balance of light and dark and what that means with accepting our shadow sides as we approach the Spring Equinox next week.

Tune in next week when we welcome special guests, Rachel Collet who will talk about her process in building her own home, and Samantha Stephenson about her life as a touring musician with her husband in the band Frenchy and the Punk.

Lori Ann King

Come Back Strong

Vickie Tanner

Today’s show was engineered by Ida Hakkila of Radio Kingston, http://www.radiokingston.org.
We heard music from Shana Falana, http://www.shanafalana.com/, and audio from our guests voicemails!

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