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shirley nelson – i want what SHE has

288 Rev Shirley on Love and Liminal Space

Today I get to spend two hours with Shirley Nelson, a special human who I was introduced to via Kia Abilay a dearly departed friend, mentor, healer and person who married me!

For more than 30 years Rev Shirley has led sessions in spiritual development and
personal growth. She is an interfaith interspiritual minister and a compassionate care
counselor who serves various communities in the greater Cleveland area as a preacher,
retreat leader, and a workshop facilitator. Shirley is the author of The Many Faces of
Prayer and recently self-published My Soul Speaks of Grief: Poems and Reflections on
Love, Loss and Grief. She enjoys reading, spending time in nature, listening to music,
dancing and walking.

Today we wander through the subject of Shirley’s religious background having been raised Baptist but knowing that wasn’t the right path for her to now offering sermons of her own driven by love. A recent sermon was delving into the subject of “liminal space” which is a fascinating subject to me so we spent some time understanding it and then moved onto a favorite topic, love. You can reach out to Shirley or subscribe to her mailing list for her newsletters by emailing

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