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stuffed animals – i want what SHE has

#147 Grace Villamil “Multidisciplinary Artist”

Today’s guest is Grace Villamil, a multidisciplinary artist exploring interconnectivity between humans & nature through installation, video, and sound. She has performed live-video manipulations as accompaniment to electronic & live instruments in venues over the globe. Her work TAYO was done in collaboration with Ione (Pauline Oliveros’s life partner) and Lisa Kelley (founder of the deep listening community) to bring awareness to the separation of children and families & give support to immigrant communities in Kingston and around the world. Most especially this project directly addresses the immigration issue in the United States focusing on the children, women, and families who have been separated by ICE. You can view TAYO at 615 Broadway in Kingston. 

TAYO, the inclusive “We” or “Us” in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, (Grace’s background and where her parents emigrated from in the late 1960s) is a light+sound activation and ongoing community sculpture at Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Plaza in Kingston NY. The TAYO sculpture is an on-going community effort where anyone can add a stuffed animal in solidarity with the children. The stuffed animal is a symbol of the unconditional love children are constantly giving to the world. TAYO is a physical manifestation of the strength & love a community can bring in our most trying and difficult time.

Grace shares her experience as a daughter of immigrant parents who wanted the best for their daughter which to them meant full assimilation, and how she later fell in love with the Philippines after traveling there as an adult. We discuss her piece TAYO, and why it was important for her to bring a shrine to the immigrant families to Kingston. Grace openly shares about her journey into and through her art, why and how she makes her pieces and the fear around creating. You can see images of the pieces we discuss as well as enjoy the meditations that are a part of Coloring Book. Grace writes, “It can be freeing to live in and with the unknown and unanswerable,” and this is what we get to explore through her art. Thanks Grace!

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving! Want to join in with some gratitude practice? Here are 50 Questions to Inspire Gratitude!

Today’s show was engineered by Nick Panken of Freedom Highway on Radio Kingston.

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#29 Jacinta Bunnell (Girls Will Be Boys, Coloring Book) / Jenny Shulkin (Ooh LaLoom) “Coloring Outside the Lines, Weaving and Dying”

Today Shana and Theresa Girl Talk on the state of #metoo after tuning into 1A’s coverage of CBS’s handling of the allegations against Les Moonves and how corporations are preparing across the board for continued allegations to surface.

Jacinta Bunnell brightens the studio with her creativity and enthusiasm for her feelings. Jacinta is an artist, activist, author and co-founder of B.R.A.W.L. She shares how studying Philosophy helped to shape her ability to think critically and how that in conjunction with taking care of children helped her to see how important it is to feel safe to color outside the lines. Speaking of, she has 4 very important, Queer positive and gender bending, coloring books that are opening up the lines and the boxes that kids have historically found themselves in. She recently began supporting Planned Parenthood through her art activism where she helps young people create art telling their story about how Planned Parenthood has helped them. You can see all that goodness at iluvplannedparenthood on Instagram. Finally, if you need helping sifting through belongings and getting rid of what you no longer need, Jacinta is the Marie Condo of the Hudson Valley.

Jenny Shulkin of OoLaLoom joins us and talks about how she got into weaving and the intricacies of weaving and dying. How she is finding her way in her craft staying true to herself and the way she wants to be weaving, creating and learning and evolving the business side of her work, and how she stays motivated and pushes through or gives herself permission to stop when she wants to.

Self care today takes us backward, or forward, stuffed animals and how slowing down is important for everything to continue to exist, including YOU! Tune into the podcast Secret Feminist Agenda that Shana recommends if you want to learn more about the art of slow everything and how stuffed animals may save your health and your sanity. Theresa talks about mantra…again, and one of her favorite musicians, Erika Wennerstrom, and how her lyrics have been her mantra when times get tough. Erika has a new-ish album out that is all about self-love, yeah! Go and get it and watch those mantras running in your head.

Next week we welcome GT Thomas, musician and artist and Lauree Ostrofsky, Author, Career Coach, Hugger, Founder of Simply Leap, LLC and Hudson Valley Women in Business. Until next week, love yourself and uplift one another.


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