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sufism – i want what SHE has

#181 Juliet Rania “The Dark Goddess”

Juliet Rania is the founder of The Source, a wellness community in Woodstock, New York. She has been an apprentice of Alessandra Belloni for the past two decades in the Southern Italian Black Virgin tradition and the shamanic healing path of the Tarantella. She is a spiritual representative of Shaykha Fariha Fatima of the Jerrahi Sufi lineage and has taught on Sufism at various venues throughout New York at venues including the U.N. General Assembly, Barnard College, Cathedral St. John the Divine, New York Open Center, Omega Institute, Sacred Arts Research, Deepak Chopra Homebase, and more. She teaches Sufi whirling, chanting and frame drumming both privately and in groups in NYC. She performs as a vocalist and percussionist in several ensembles including Persian Music Ensemble, American Sufi Project, and The New York Arabic Orchestra. She is also a writer with a Bachelor of Arts from the New School University and a Master’s Degree from Sarah Lawrence College.

Juliet has studied with one of my heroes, Marion Woodman, and recommended her book, Dancing in the Flames, The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness. Today I get to learn more about the magic that happens in Juliet’s life, and she indulges my questions and thoughts about the book which has been a tremendous gift in my life. We meander through thoughts about the dark goddess, death, destruction, the feminine, the masculine, the patriarchy, and creating something new outside of the broken systems that currently exist.

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