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vegan cooking – i want what SHE has

253 Vegan Cooking with Nava Atlas

Today on the show, I welcome Nava Atlas, the author of many vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, with hundreds of thousands of books sold over the years. Her books went vegan at the same time she did — the early 2000s. Some include …

She has been featured or contributed to several publications including The New York Times and the Washington Post. Her recipes and vegan living tips have been featured or cited in numerous publications and she’s been a guest on countless radio shows and podcasts.

Her involvement with the vegan movement and women’s issues overlaps with my work as an artist. It’s all under the umbrella of social justice. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and museums and is in a number of public and university collections.

In addition to her involvement in all things vegan, she also creates visually driven books. These have include Secret Recipes for the Modern Wife, a darkly humorous look at the gender roles through the lens of a faux 1950s cookbook and The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life (2011), which explores the creative processes of twelve classic female authors through their letters, journals, and interviews. The website that grew from this book is Literary Ladies Guide, which strives to be the most comprehensive resource on women’s classic literature. 

Here’s the New Moon Astrology from Tanaaz at Forever Conscious.

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