#153 Deep Thoughts for the New Year with Theresa

Slipping into the New Year with some deep thoughts about the things I think about. Like… revisiting my last year’s resolution to practice non-judgment and how I failed at it because of things like Kundalini Yoga and QAnon (the irony is not lost on me that as I was doing my show they were storming the capitol), my adjustment and recommitment to non-judgment inspired by Charles Eisenstein, vibration, serendipity, signs from the Universe, devotion, self-care and starting a book club! Who’s in? Seriously, let’s pick a book that inspires that we can talk about on the show. Plus, I marry everyone to themselves and share the words of David Foster Wallace that resonate deeply with me. Here’s my Youtube Channel if you want to join in the daily 15-17 minute practice. Hope everyone’s year is a good one!

Today we heard TedxTalks by Joanna McEwen and Ulla Suokko.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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