#155 Tracy Givens Hunter “Undoing Racism, Ending the New Jim Crow”

Tracy Givens Hunter is Director of the Navigator Program at Public Policy and Education Fund of New York. She is an active practitioner of Restorative Justice Practices and Circle Keeping with Dutchess County Mediation Center and Westchester Restorative Justice Center. Tracy has over 20 years experience as an Activist and organizer regarding Racial Justice, Women Rights, Criminal justice, People’s Institute Survival and Beyond and Human Rights with organizations such as the NAACP, ACLU, BLM, and ENJAN. Tracy has given Presentations, Mediated and provided Trainings to private organizations and school districts and on January 30th, she is moderating “Council of the Elders” an event sponsored by Hold the Line taking place on Saturday, January 30th from 2-4pm. This free event will be a Roundtable discussion with movement elders from the Hudson Valley on activism, solidarity and the political divide. You can get your free ticket here. See you there!

Today we speak about how an undoing racism workshop changed the course of her life and career. Tracy also shares extensively the important work that ENJAN is doing in the criminal justice system. You can learn more about ENJAN here, and join their monthly meetings in Kingston every 2nd and 4th Mon. of the month at 8:00 pm. Contact them at ENJANHV@gmail.com for Zoom meeting details. (A.J. Williams-Myers African Roots Library, 43 Gill St., Kingston, NY.)

We also listened to “The New Jim Crow” with Michelle Alexander, George E. Kent Lecture, 2013

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#109 Manda Zand Ervin “Alliance of Iranian Women”

MANDA ZAND ERVIN, Founder and Director of the Alliance of Iranian Women is today’s very honored guest. We will be talking about Iran, the beautiful history of Iran, the ruling Women-Gods, the plight of women in Iran under Sharia law, and her new book, “The Ladies’ Secret Society: History of the Courageous Women of Iran.

During the Iranian Islamic revolution, Manda witnessed the execution of many innocent people, including her high school principal who was murdered because she was a woman and the secretary of education.  She witnessed the human rights of the Iranian people, especially the women, taken away from them. She witnessed her homeland leaving the twentieth century to turn backward and she witnessed the effect.

Manda came to the United States as a political refugee on June 17th, 1980, became a citizen three years later and began her fight for human rights in Iran. She is the founder and president of the Alliance of Iranian Women a group which has deep connections within the Iranian diaspora and within Iran.

As the head of the Alliance of Iranian Women, Manda Ervin works to bring the West’s attention to the plight of Iranian women under Islamic Sharia laws.  She almost single-handedly gathered the support to pass a 2003 U.S. Senate Resolution on the human rights of the women of Iran. In 2005 Manda was invited to speak at the UN conference on the family in Islamic societies.

Manda is an analyst and writer, published by many online political magazines, like the Hudson Institute, American Thinker, and Family Security Matters, National Review and others.  She speaks on TV and radio programs, nationally and internationally, including CNN, BBC, Radio France, VOA, Radio Liberty.

Her book reveals, in print for the first time, the long history of struggle against clerical domination that Iranian women have been engaged in for centuries. Rooted in the proud history of ancient Iran, where Mother-Gods were once worshipped, the Ladies’ Secret Society, an organization founded in the early decades of the 20th Century, was both the inheritor of this proud history, and the progenitor of the contemporary women’s rights campaign in the Iran of today. Zand Ervin relates the stories, and records the accomplishments, of generations of individual women activists, who fought like lionesses for every scrap of freedom they gained, only to see all their hard-won rights destroyed with the coming of Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution. During the Islamic revolution, Zand Ervin witnessed the execution of many innocent people, including her high school principal, who was executed simply because she was a woman, and the Secretary of Education. She offers heartbreaking and compelling eyewitness testimonies of strong and emancipated women who were brutally pushed backwards to living under a crude, medieval society, and who have fought back, under sometimes impossible odds, and continue fighting today. Manda Zand Ervin’s History of Iran, the Iran that has been imprisoned behind a veil offers an insight and context to news of terrorism and the dangers caused by the misogynistic clerical regime ruling Iran which continues to dominate headlines.



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