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318 Martha Williams “BreakBread” – i want what SHE has

318 Martha Williams “BreakBread”

Today on the show I am joined by Martha Williams who has spent her life as a serial creative firebrand. She is an award winning filmmaker, writer, and choreographer, and kept the lights on with creative direction, video production, consulting, coaching and training. After 20 years of following her calling Martha realized that even though she was lucky (or crazy) enough to be making art she was still not making the difference she set out to make. While her art was activist in nature, squeezing out work in a world where people are choking on “content” and mindlessly consuming life, didn’t seem aligned with her greater mission to help communities reclaim and restore soulful connection to self, other and the world around them. This is when her work as a conversation activist began. Martha and her partner run Culture Shift Agency and BreakBread World, working to reweave our common humanity through the art of conversation and the power of soulful gathering.

Our conversation weaves through the meaning of conversation activism, how Martha found this work, the patriarchy, the embodiment of the masculine and the feminine and so much more.

BreakBread is hosting an Embodied Conversation Workshop at GWI on April 14th.

As mentioned, Engather is co-hosting a special happening this Friday, March 29th at ASK for creative connection and community. You can learn more here!

Here’s the Moon Report that inspired our moon chat.

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