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317 Jami Smith “Songs That Saved Your Life” and Barbara Bravo “Master Gardener” – i want what SHE has

317 Jami Smith “Songs That Saved Your Life” and Barbara Bravo “Master Gardener”

Jami Smith is a music journalist and creator of Songs That Saved Your Life, a queer rock history newsletter on Substack. She has also written for The Advocate, OUT magazine, and OUT Traveler. Jami believes that if “Rock & Roll Jeopardy” were still on the air, she would’ve beat Mark McGrath.

Her new show on Radio Kingston, “Songs that Saved Your Life” shines a spotlight on the often untold stories of rock & roll. Each week, she’ll celebrate her favorite icons and allies with genres ranging from synth-pop, punk, soul, hip-hop, glam, and disco. Tune in from midnight to 2am every Monday night into Tuesday morning (starting on 3.25) for a tiny bit of history and a whole lot of music.

Today on the show Jami schools us in some deep music history, starting with rock and rolls roots, which were undoubtedly very queer. We also learn about Jami’s past life as a stand up comedian, and what we can expect to hear on Songs That Saved Your Life. Check it out. I highly recommend! Along with her Instagram!

In the second half of the show I welcome Barbara Bravo, a dedicated gardener with more than 30 years’ experience reclaiming neglected gardens as well as establishing new beds and an enclosed vegetable garden at her home in Saugerties. She is a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer and Garden Day Coordinator which is taking place on April 6th this year. She has lectured on many gardening topics and this year at Garden Day will be presenting Ground Covers – Better than Mulch. When not in her garden, Barbara can be found in her studio creating nature inspired works of art in clay and painted paper collage.

Today, Barbara helps me through some of my gardening snafus, tells us about her own roots in gardening and what to expect during the often sold out Garden Day! Did you know that you’re not supposed to pull “weeds” out? Tune in to learn why and what you should do in today’s episode.

Today’s Words with Warren teaches us about how to repell those pesky mosquitos!

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