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241 Quiet Quitting and Labor – i want what SHE has

241 Quiet Quitting and Labor

First off, I wanted to shout out two special happenings from past guests. First up is Romany Rose and Kat Hunt offering a night of pleasure in which they will explore the potential of healing through Medicinal Desserts and the Akashic Records. Happening Friday, September 30th, 7-9pm at Say Boo Studio in Kingston, NY. $55, includes all desserts and herbal beverages as well as Q&A with the Records.
To register and secure your place, please email

Next, the Circle Creative Collective ladies are up to another magical happening. LUMINOUS will take guests into the cavernous heart of the Earth through contemplative story. It reminds us that even in the coldest, darkest times we are held by beauty and that each of us can be a light in the dark. We will offer two consecutive evenings to ponder and honor the importance that death, grief, and the dark carry…for there is no day without night. Happening October 29th and 30th, and they need your support. Financially and physically so please follow the link above to learn more. 

Today I talk with myself and share my thoughts about work, a favorite subject of mine. Here’s the NPR article on quiet quitting that I break down and discuss, and the articles on quitting and work boundaries and on modern slavery.

Caring Majority Rising and Tanaaz’s New Moon Report.

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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