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308 Natalie Freihon “People Over Profits” – i want what SHE has

308 Natalie Freihon “People Over Profits”

Natalie Freihon is the founder of Strange Bird Hospitality which currently encompasses The Orchard Townhouse, Nat’s on Bank, Nat’s on Bleecker and soon Nat’s Mountain House.  Freihon comes to this role with a wealth of experience in the industry, including: General Manager at restaurants Double Crown, Freemans, Peels, and Mercat; Director of Food and Beverage at Ace Hotel New York, overseeing The Breslin and John Dory; and General Manager at Soho House and Ludlow House, where she led the social club’s downtown debut. Originally from Los Angeles, Freihon holds a degree in Sociology from Columbia University. She lives in Greenwich Village with her husband Steve and daughter Bowie.

“I’ve been restauranting for quite some time. Throughout the growth of my career I saw far too frequently what wasn’t working and what I didn’t want in terms of being a hospitality group owner.”

That inspired her to want to make some changes and try to be the example.  It’s certainly been difficult since currently there’s no “guidebook” or structure in how to build a company in her vision, plus, well COVID. But! They’re getting there through consistent positive choices by putting people over profit.

Today on the show Natalie shares how she got to where she is, including what it was like being a successful woman in a male dominated industry. Plus she let’s us in on the newest of the family, a family friendly restaurant/bar/event space and new neighborhood hotspot in Tannersville. They are hosting a Hudson Valleys Movers and Shakers Party, January 18th from 5-7pm so that you all can check out what’s happening their and plan your events in this amazing and adaptable space. You can also reach her at

In the second half of the show I talk about Caring Majority Rising, an organization that is also trying to put people first despite the roadblocks in our State government. They have a new bill they are trying to pass to talk the unnecessary and costly middleman out of long term health care, and they are having a training this week for those who want to put the pressure on your reps to pass this vital legislation. Here’s the article I read by Michael Solow explaining what all this is about.

And while I sight and call upon the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I do so cautiously acknowledging the points in this article, Codeswitch.

FINALLY, here’s the Astrology report for 2024.

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