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#79 Health Care is a Human Right and Aemen Bell on Devaxing – i want what SHE has

#79 Health Care is a Human Right and Aemen Bell on Devaxing

Today I get to speak with 4 fine ladies from Health Care is a Human Right (HCHR), a 501(c)3 not for profit charitable corporation, founded in 2003 by Susan Weeks, Physician Assistant, Vicky O’Dougherty, Homeopath, Susan Bissonnett, RN, and Jill Elliot, DVM. Since its inception, Health Care is a Human Right has offered free clinics in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York. NOTE: they are in the process of updating their website so if you come to a landing page with a red button saying "Learn More," click on that to be linked to the clinic info. 

Joining the conversation is Susan Weeks, long time Physicians Assistant, Board President and co-founder of HCHR. Ida Rivera, Life Coach, Reiki Master and administrative assistant at HCHR, Jesse Scherer, Massage Therapist and volunteer coordinator at HCHR, and Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes, a practitioner of Spacious Heart Guidance, student of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Matrix Energetics and several other energy healing modalities. We talk about why the organization was formed and how they all got involved with it, what they each do and why they do it. Plus we get to laugh a lot even though we’re talking about some serious stuff…health care IS a human right.

All are welcome to their free clinics, but if you have the means, donations are greatly appreciated! For a list of their upcoming clinics jump on over -> here.

For the second hour, I get to sit down with the wise and magical Aemen Bell, a certified Western Herbalist, who also works with the healing power of food, movement, breath, and Earth energies in her practice. After spending nearly two decades in NYC studying herbs, shamanism, and people, she’s delighted to now live in the mountains of Woodstock, New York. She teaches classes throughout the country on herbs and healing. She is currently writing several books & is available throughout the region for healing consultations and workshops in person and via telephone. Aemen is teaching a workshop on "Devaxing Our Kids" on August 8th at Woodstock Healing Arts. Aemen will share what to do before and after, including non-toxic, easy to use herbal remedies, as well as foods for the healing process. On today’s show Aemen shares the mystical story of finding a fasting book at the age of 14 and then secretly embarking on her own 10 day water fast which healed a chronic health condition and leading her into a life of herbalism. We get devaxing tips plus props for Burdock and Raspberry Leaf for uterine health. She’s pretty inspiring when it comes to personal wellness, awareness and the search for answers. I forget the exact quote (you’ll have to listen to confirm), but when talking about how she moved from a state of panic when thinking about vaxing her daughter to one of solution mode, she says, herbs are one answer, there are always many answers. Thanks Aemen! 

Next week I get to speak with Lila Lolling on moving past sudden divorce, healing epilepsy with yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga for the deaf community and eco-living.

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We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana,

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