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#93 “Witches” with Kat Hunt, Aemen Bell, Lady Moon and Lyndsey Harrington – i want what SHE has

#93 “Witches” with Kat Hunt, Aemen Bell, Lady Moon and Lyndsey Harrington

Calling all witches ✨ Today on the show we talk witches, witching, the unseen realm, ancestors, the akasha, intuition, herbs and altars. What a gift to me and to all of you who get to listen!!! Happy Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, All Soul’s Day, however you celebrate. Today on the show…

Kat Hunt @thekathunt ✨ She was Shana and my very first guest 93 episodes ago talking about her film What’s Revenge! She’s now a Mom and has fine tuned her channeling and artistic feminine wisdom to now offer Akashic readings with channeled paintings and messages for you dear ones. I am signing up for one next week because I know her Reiki powers and need to experience this too! You can get in touch with her over at @sunmoonearthsea.

Aemen Bell @aemen_bell ✨ An herbalist and astrologer who also works with the healing power of food, movement, breath and Earth energies.  She was a guest about a month ago talking about “Devaxxing” your children for any parents facing the prospect of vaccinating their children. She’s also putting the finishing touches on her book, Flower, Crystal, Moon which you can get if you reach out to her or stay tuned to her social feeds! Today she brought us a special handmade Highest Self Elixir for the heart chakra called Pink Heart. You can find all her potions in her Etsy shop!

Lady Moon @love_ladymoon from the magical, mystical band, Lady Moon & the Eclipse returns again. Following up to the interview we recently did talking about her music and the cosmic soul, I saw her perform at the O+ Festival and knew immediately that she has some magical powers and is casting love spells to everyone who hears her music. Their new album is on its way. We’re all patiently, yet anxiously waiting! Stay tuned to her social feeds, Facebook and Instagram, for the latest updates and please do yourself a favor and go see a live performance.

And last but definitely not least, I welcome a new guest to the show, Lyndsey Harrington @womancraft ✨ Lyndsey is a very special mountain elf and non-violent communication guide who uses language as a path, fostering radical compassion, emotional fluency and deep self advocacy. You can follow along with her teachings at @howlightsounds ❤️ She is leading two Non-Violent Communication workshops on November 21st and December 11th at Woodstock Healing Arts.

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston,

We heard music from our faves, Shana Falana, including her new title release, Darkest LIGHT (Not NIGHT!!!! like I said once.)  from her NEW ALBUM!!! and Star Gazing from LADY MOON & THE ECLIPSE, who’s album is about to DROP!!! And from a new favorite, Bruja by La Perla which you’ll only hear on the radio archive but you can watch and hear them via that link over there…

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