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#95 “Real Beauty” with Charise Isis, Photographer + Ellen Marshall, Oncology Support + Jeanie Edwards, Breast Cancer Survivor – i want what SHE has

#95 “Real Beauty” with Charise Isis, Photographer + Ellen Marshall, Oncology Support + Jeanie Edwards, Breast Cancer Survivor

Hey listeners! Thanks for tuning in for today’s special show. I wanted to share that for the first 9-10 minutes I talk about a healing event that’s happening on Nov. 23rd at the idea garden in Kingston, NY. It’s something I’ve organized as a result of the women on the show today and the work that they do. If you aren’t local or interested, you can skip ahead. For those of you interested, on Nov. 23rd from [12:30]-2 there will be a free workshop to learn how to give Reiki to yourself and then from 2-4 healers will be offering their services at no charge to those affected by cancer. Please check the event details for more information and if you would like to participate in the workshop portion of the day, please RSVP to

Ok so special bonus, around minute [9:50] you get to hear an exclusive new Lady Moon & the Eclipse single, “Le Petit Prince.” The song hasn’t been released yet, but go check the gorgeous video if you want to hear it again!

Around minute [15:45] I begin my conversation with these amazing women..

Ellen Marshall, MS., LCSW-R, OSW-C. Oncology Social Worker and Director of the Oncology Support Program of HealthAlliance Hospital/WMC Health. Ellen shares about how the program was started and what they offer the community, free of charge, such as an integrative support group, a group that talks about “what really matters” when diagnosed with metastatic cancer, weekly memoir writing, weekly creative arts groups, a women’s breast cancer support group, younger women’s breast cancer support group, ovarian cancer support group, caregiver support group, men’s support group, and a myriad of wellness programs that are open to everyone. If you want to learn more about their offerings, you can call them at 845-339-2071, email or stop by at 80 Mary’s Avenue, Kingston, NY 12401.

Charise Isis is a photographer of women, photographing beauty beyond her wildest dreams.  Her portraiture empowers women by allowing them to be vulnerable, present, and helping them to connect with their deeply sensual and powerful selves.  Ten years ago she began The Grace Project. “Grace” is a series of portraits of women capturing the courage, beauty and grace of those who have had mastectomy surgery as a result of breast cancer. Her work allows each of her subjects a transformative experience, giving them permission to step into self acceptance and the opportunity to share the story of the scars that have been written on their body. The ultimate goal of the Grace project is to photograph 800 portraits, the approximate number of new breast cancer diagnosis in the U.S. every day. Thus far, Charise has photographed nearly 400 portraits towards this goal. The Grace Project exhibition “Broken is Still Beautiful” will be on display at the Idea Garden in Kingston, New York on weekends until Nov. 23 when they’ll be celebrating with a closing party from 4-7pm.

Jeanne Edwards is a Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Kingston who happened upon Charise during a scheduled inspection. Their conversation turned to what Charise does which then opened Jeanne, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, up to a portrait session with Charise, something she never imagined she would be capable of doing. After years of shame around what her body looked like after her mastectomy, Jeanne shares openly and bravely about what this experience has done to heal her. Jeanne is a true inspiration, seeking to find the beauty and gratitude in each day of her life. I personally feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to peek into her resilience and wisdom.

Today’s show was engineered by Maddy Bogner of Radio Kingston,

We heard music from our fave, Shana Falana, and Lady Moon & the Eclipse

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