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#56 Megan Offner (NY Heartwoods) / Erica Chase-Salerno (Thank You Cancer) “Living and Dying On Your Own Terms”

Girl Talking about Valentine’s Day and loving ourselves. Then our first guest, Megan Offner, owner of NY Heartwoods , talks about how she shifted into work that is aligned with her principles of sustainability, localism and community. She’s someone who’s worked to understand her own needs and balances her needs with the demands of running your own business. Let us all learn from Megan! Our second interview today is one that Shana lovingly recorded of her friend Erica Chase-Salerno from her hospice bed, 6 days before her passing. Erica was someone who embraced life fully and has done the same as well in her death. She’s beyond an inspiration to us all. Thank you Erica for being you in all you do! We love YOU!

#46 Liz Baker (Broadway Arts) / Rachael Pazdan (The HUM Series) “The Power of Faith and Women Collaborating”

RBG”Be a lady, don’t be overcome by useless emotions like anger” , Liz Baker community uplifter after mothers’ nervous breakdown, and Rachael Pazdan of NYC ‘The Hum Series’ on promoting female musicians.

#42 Donna Costello (Choreographer) / Reverend Jordan Scruggs (Modern Spirituality) “Process Junky and Modern Day Spirituality”

Donna Costello, choreographer and dance educator at the Park Avenue Armory, managed to move quite quickly into her success in NYC, and Reverend Jordan Scruggs is broadly focused on the alleviation of poverty which translates into some truly beautiful community building activities like “Waffle Church”

#40 DJ Ali Gruber (Get Down Upstate) / Gabrielle Hill (Restorative Justice) “Michael Jackson Dance Party Queen and Circle Keeper”

Theresa calls in from the Badlands, DJ Ali Spins tells us about her 2 purple turntables and how she keeps going when her husband gets diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Gabrielle Hill talks Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping!

#32 Judy Linn (Patti Smith 1969-1976 : Photographs) / Jessica Vecchione (Smacked Documentary) “Photographs of the Imaginary Past”

The Year of the Woman (link below, check it out) Also, our first guest is Judy Linn, photographer and Vassar professor, best known for her book Patti Smith 1969-1976 : Photographs by Judy Linn. Our second guest is Jessica Vecchione, videographer and documentarian, recently of the film Smacked.

#29 Jacinta Bunnell (Girls Will Be Boys, Coloring Book) / Jenny Shulkin (Ooh LaLoom) “Coloring Outside the Lines, Weaving and Dying”

We’re still Girl Talking about #metoo with the Les Moonves allegations. Jacinta Bunnell, artist, activist, author and co-founder of B.R.A.W.L., brightens the studio with her creativity and enthusiasm for her feelings. She shares how studying Philosophy helped to shape her ability to think critically and how that in conjunction with taking care of children helped her to see how important it is to feel safe to color outside the lines. Jenny Shulkin of OoLaLoom joins us and talks about how she got into weaving and the intricacies of weaving and dying as well as staying motivated and pushing through. Self care is stuffed animals, slowing the heck down, and the power of mantra. Yes, stuffed animals.

#28 Theresa’s Nieces (Roadtrippin) / Jamie Sanin (CelebrateWomxn845) “Being a Girl and Supporting Womxn”

Girl Talking about grannies and being little girls. Theresa shares her interviews with her nieces as a bird’s eye view into the life of a 9 and 12 year old. Shana’s in studio guest Jamie Sanin, artist, educator and founder of CelebrateWomxn845 talks about breaking down access and the resistance to art from the viewers perspective. Self care brings us to forgiveness this week. A big topic that we just touch upon.

#25 Cal Patch (Crochet, Entrepeneur) / Hawley Hussie (HHArtLab) “Happiness and Freedom…that’s SUCCESS”

Girl Talking about new pods we like on body positivity and mindfulness. Shana’s having a HOT FLASH about some criticisms of 12 step programs. Guest Cal Patch, sewer, maker, and teacher talks about finding her happy place. Guest Hawley Hussey, artist, writer, occasional performer, a living room lounge singer, cold water swimmer, Coney Island Mermaid, educator and activist joins us in the studio to talk about how she’s created her current life affirming gig with kids and art.

#24 Jen Shagawat (Shellshag, Starcleaners) “Freedoms and Staying True to Your Dreams Through it All”

Today we’re Girl Talking about the meaning of independence for ourselves and for everyone and continuing the food conversation…thinking about freeing ourselves from the emotional pull of food. We also hear Shana’s fun interview with Jen Shagawat, musician and producer, owner of Jewel Street Studio in Brooklyn, NY, drummer and singer for the band Shellshag, co-creator of Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision and owner of Starcleaner Records.

#23 Shana’s Private Journal Entry / Mercedes Samuels (Singer Songwriter) “Intuitive Eating, Loving Yourself and Making Discipline Fun”

Girl Talk goes deep into [Geneen Roth’s][1] book, Women Food and God, and Shana shares her personal relationship to food and dieting. Then we listen to Shana’s interview with Mercedes Samuels, a musician, who shares her beautiful wisdom, this woman is wise…right now she’s reading The Art of Loving and learning about making discipline fun and how to have better concentration.

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