#29 Jacinta Bunnell (Girls Will Be Boys, Coloring Book) / Jenny Shulkin (Ooh LaLoom) “Coloring Outside the Lines, Weaving and Dying”

We’re still Girl Talking about #metoo with the Les Moonves allegations. Jacinta Bunnell, artist, activist, author and co-founder of B.R.A.W.L., brightens the studio with her creativity and enthusiasm for her feelings. She shares how studying Philosophy helped to shape her ability to think critically and how that in conjunction with taking care of children helped her to see how important it is to feel safe to color outside the lines. Jenny Shulkin of OoLaLoom joins us and talks about how she got into weaving and the intricacies of weaving and dying as well as staying motivated and pushing through. Self care is stuffed animals, slowing the heck down, and the power of mantra. Yes, stuffed animals.

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