#30 Lauree Ostrofsky (Simply Leap) / G.T. Thomas (Musician, Songwriter) “Tuning In and Following the Goosebumps”

This week’s Girl Talk gets us shouting out and celebrating full figures and then Shana talks about her upcoming tour. Watch out, it’s another HOT FLASH! Shana’s blowing off steam about those who preach negativity, and Theresa points us to Solutions Journalism as the answer to negativity and DRAMA. First guest, Lauree Ostrofsky, founder of Simply Leap and Hudson Valley Women in Business, author, coach and hugger joins us in the studio to share her amazing personal story of healing from a brain tumor and how that led her to transform her life and open Simply Leap, her coaching business and writing her memoir titled “I’m Scared and Doing It Anyway.” G.T. Thomas, musician and creative companion, thrives and finds her greatest success whenever she gets to create with others like former collaborators the Fleet Foxes, B52’S and Betty Seveert. She’s a joy and full of wisdom like, In other words, follow the goose bumps and forget the money. Take care of yourself and turn off your devices. Love your body and seek the joy and gratitude.

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