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#164 “Caliban and the Witch” Part 4 Book Discussion – i want what SHE has

#164 “Caliban and the Witch” Part 4 Book Discussion

Happy Women’s History Month! In collaboration with Women’s History Month Kingston, we continue the discussion of Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch. This week we’re discussing Chapter 4, “The Great Witch-Hunt in Europe,” summed up here: “You are the true Hyenas, that allure us with the fairness of your skins and when folly has brought us within your reach, you leap upon us. You are the traitors of Wisdom, the impediment to Industry… the clogs to Virtue and the goads that drive us to all vices, impiety and ruin. You are the Fool’s Paradise, the wiseman’s Plague and the Grand Error of Nature.” Walter Charlton, Ephesian Matron, 1659. Lots to be said about this!!! Next week, we dive into Chapter 5, “Colonization and Christianization.” Let us know your thoughts and questions!

Who’s in this conversation?

Rakel Stammer is an artist and teacher who primarily works in painting and drawing, but also dabbles in sound, installation, collage, writing, photography, printmaking and performance. Her work has been published in several magazines, anthologies and journals across the world and she has exhibited in Denmark, Sweden and the U.S. She was on the show before, pre-COVID in October 2019, talking about her series “The C%#& (C-word) Drawings” completed during a residency at Deer Creek Collective. Rakel speaks publicly and writes about capitalism, art, trauma, dominance and violence, seen through an anti-capitalist, intersectional feminist lens!

Carolita Johnson is a cartoonist (The New Yorker magazine) and illustrator from NYC. She spent 13 years in Paris, France, after graduating from Parson’s School of Design with a degree in Fashion Design. In Paris, she earned a masters degree in Modern Letters and Linguistics, and got some (admittedly very idiosyncratic) chops in pre-doctoral Medieval Anthropology, which turned out to be her gateway drug to cartoons and illustration. She is also a writer, has appeared on HBO and NPR, performed in various esteemed settings, is an alumnus of the O+ Festival, and most recently added teaching via SUNY New Paltz to her list of accomplishments.

Feminist activism!!! Listen to and support the women of Ghana. Here’s their NPR story about being banished to the “witch camps.” Today we heard their songs, “Witch Song,” “Love,” “Hatred Drove Me From My Home,” and “We Are No Different Than You.”

Today’s show was engineered by Nick Panken, host of Freedom Highway, AND produced, hosted, and edited by ME, Theresa, so please forgive any hiccups.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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