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239 Kanien’kehá:ka Land Buy Back with Kawenniiosta Jock and Bethany Yarrow – i want what SHE has

239 Kanien’kehá:ka Land Buy Back with Kawenniiosta Jock and Bethany Yarrow

Today, Marielena and I are joined by two women from the Waterfall Unity Alliance to talk about the land buy back project for the Kanien’kehá:ka people.

Kawenniiosta Jock, Kanien’kehá:ka Wolf Clan, is an activist, land protector, master seamstress and artist. Kawenniiosta has helped develop traditional support, cultural teachings and language preservation within the tribe and is a traditional full-spectrum doula who uses indigenous methods and medicines. Kawenniiosta is an alumna of the Akwesasne Freedom School and is passionate about her people and culture.

Bethany Yarrow sings music of power and praise. She is a song keeper, earth activist, and student of the spiritual traditions of the Americas. With a living prayer for unity at the heart of her music, she uses her voice to  help protect the land & water and build community & collaborative solutions to address the existential threats of our time.

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“On a spectacular ribbon of cropland in the Schoharie Valley of Central New York sit the remains of an old Mohawk village on what is now a 60-acre working berry farm. The Waterfall Unity Alliance, a 501c3, put a deposit down on the farm as part of a community-supported landback effort, butan additional $575,000 is needed by Sept. 30, the closing date, to purchase the farm for a new Kanien’kehá:ka community in the Valley. Please help us get the farm!!!!”

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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