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250 Collaborative Divorce with Nanci Smith, Esq. – i want what SHE has

250 Collaborative Divorce with Nanci Smith, Esq.

Today on the show we’re talking divorce. In the first half of the show I talk about my “divorce” and then share a bit of my experience as a divorce attorney and some general thoughts on divorce and separation. Did you know that 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce? Then in the second half of the show I am joined by Nanci A. Smith, Esq., an attorney licensed to practice in Vermont and New York. She is the chair of the Collaborative Divorce section of the Vermont Bar Association, a leader in her collaborative divorce practice group, and a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She frequently writes and talks about divorce, family law, ethics, and collaborative divorce practices. She believes that a good divorce is possible when you show up for it with humility, compassion, and the correct support. Smith is the author of Untangling Your Marriage: A Guide to Collaborative Divorce (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Oct 11, 2022). Learn more at

Today Nancy explains what Collaborative Divorce is, the ways of getting divorced, the things to consider when choosing how to get divorced, how to help kids through a divorce and how to take care of yourself and rebuild after a divorce. NOTE: There was a glitch at some point during the recording of the show where 20 seconds was not picked up so there will be a less than seamless explanation when Nanci is taking about the ways of getting divorced. Apologies!

I shared from this article Why it’s so hard to leave when things aren’t working from the Elephant Journal, and the stats that I shared came from these websites. I also played a few of the songs that got me through my big separation. Those and more can be found at this playlist

Today’s bonus conversation with Warren is about loving yourself and seeing the signs when you’re not.

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