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314 Kendra Nicole “Peace & Profits” and Jessica Cingel “Reproductive Psychiatry” – i want what SHE has

314 Kendra Nicole “Peace & Profits” and Jessica Cingel “Reproductive Psychiatry”

In the first half of today’s show I welcome Kendra Nicole, the CEO of Kendra Nicole & The Finance Femme, and the creator of Scalable Firms and Peace & Profits. After graduating from Clemson University (Corporate Finance and Accounting), Kendra quickly moved up the corporate ladder while working for corporations such as GE. This work led her to pursue her love for small business strategy by founding The Finance Femme, an accounting and fractional CFO firm. Kendra also hosts an exclusive 6 month mentorship/coaching and retreat program called Peace & Profits. And her Scalable Firms program where she coaches other accounting and finance professionals on brand and business building. Kendra is a wife, mom, and podcast host.

Today Kendra talks about how to make time for what’s important, moving away from profits first, getting clear about what you really want, tending to your taxes year-round so that tax season isn’t such a burden, making a money date for yourself, and balancing work and parenting.


Joining me in the second half of the show is nurse practitioner Jessica Cingel. After working on an inpatient psychiatric unit and with adults with autism spectrum disorder, Jessica went back to school to pursue her passion for individualized care in pregnancy and reproductive health. As a certified nurse midwife, she’s had the honor of guiding individuals and families through life transitions, both joyous and difficult. During her eight years of midwifery practice, she became frustrated with the lack of mental health support available to her clients. Jessica decided that if these services weren’t available, she’d have to create them herself. She returned to school again and obtained licensure as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry. She created Kinship Health to offer help to individuals struggling to balance their mental and emotional health with the needs of their families, careers, and school.

Today Jessica introduces us to reproductive psychiatry, how perinatal mood and anxiety disorders manifest, how to identify them, and why it’s important to not ignore it. We also talk about some of the big picture issues around mental health like access to care, where the system is failing folks, cultural complexities, the insurance problems, and where the system is starting to get it right (there’s still much work needed though!).

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