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315 Dr. Amy Novatt “GynoCurious” and “Vulva Views” – i want what SHE has

315 Dr. Amy Novatt “GynoCurious” and “Vulva Views”

Today I get to welcome back Dr. Amy Novatt a board certified ob-gyn who generously offered her time in the past for monthly conversations about women’s reproductive healthcare. She is now the host of GynoCurious, a program that explores the experience of being an ob-gyn,  the science that guides their practices  and the stories women- cis, trans and nonbinary, have shared with her as they seek health and wellness. Investigating what it means to be a healer and to be healed.

It’s not a medical show that tells you how much estrogen you should take or the scientific method used to evaluate data but instead, a conversation about the larger canvas looking at what its like to be a medical professional working with women and how patients experience the world of ob-gyn. Conversations like, what is it like sitting in the exam room with a thin sheet of paper covering your naked body? What has been the impact of a cancer diagnosis? What it is like to go through the menopause? She hopes to talk about our fears, sexual explorations and aging adventures with respect, inquiry and science. For her, knowledge and awareness brings awe, authority and autonomy.

Today we expand upon some of the topics that she’s covered on the show like the biological design of women as caretaker, the impact of hormones on life and the lack of external understanding or support for how they impact women, the corporatization of medical care and the problems that ensue, how the medical profession has let down women since it’s inception, how to advocate for yourself when it comes to healthcare, and how we need to break the system in order to rebuild it. Whew…

If you have a topic that is a good fit for GynoCurious, be in touch with Dr. Novatt via Radio Free Rhinecliff.

Following our conversation I shared from this article, “Sexism in Medicine: It’s Not All in Her Head,” and chatted about International Women’s Day and the many Virtual Events that are taking place this year.

Lastly, here’s your New Moon Report. It’s so perfectly anti-patriarchal.

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