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221 Domestic Violence and Lara Sabanosh, Author of “Caged” – i want what SHE has

221 Domestic Violence and Lara Sabanosh, Author of “Caged”

The content of today’s show won’t be uplifting, at least not most of it, but it’s real and necessary information not to be ignored or forgotten. We will be talking about intimate partner violence or domestic violence and abuse so sensitive ears may want to avoid listening. My colleague Mariel Fiori shared this first story with me and covered it on her radio show which is in Spanish, but I’ll link to it for those who are able to listen. It’s a story about a 17 year old girl, Yesmi Lara, who was severely beaten by the father of her two year old daughter. You can contribute to Yesmi Lara’s Go Fund Me.

Then I share from this article, Six Ways to Support a Loved One In An Abusive Relationship via NPR and talk about the impacts of trauma and abuse via the story of Melissa Lucio. False confessions are more common than you might think. More than a quarter of people exonerated by the Innocence Project in recent decades had confessed to the crime they allegedly committed, as Science reported.

Then there was this important news story related to abuse in the military, Air Force General Found Guilty of Sexual Assault via NPR.

Here’s the info about the Women Who Serve in the Military event happening this Friday, April 29th, and the Stand Against Racism Event at YWCA Ulster County on Friday, 4/29 at [4:30]PM.

We take a break from the heavy to talk this weekend’s NEW MOON REPORT!

In the second half of the show I welcome Lara Sabanosh who grew up in various parts of the country and for a time, lived overseas in Guantanamo Bay (GTMO), where she was an education service facilitator at the Fleet and Family Support Center and became acting director in December 2013. She spent much of her adult life as a wife, mother and student, eventually completing two doctoral degrees. Six years in the making, her new book, Caged: The True Story of Abuse, Betrayal and GTMO, is an honest and introspective memoir detailing the never-before-told other side of an international, headline story, taking readers through the first twenty years of her tumultuous marriage to Christopher Tur, to events as she lived them on the night he went missing and the aftermath. Lara is currently retired from government service, residing quietly in Pensacola, Florida, surrounded by her loving family, dogs, and grand puppies.

Lara shares about the difficulties and challenges faced when confronting and getting out of an abusive relationship, about the prevalence of abuse in the military and how they are failing to properly address it, and how she has learned to talk to her children about it and why that’s important.

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