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297 Amplifying Peace with Seaira, Shulamit, Kristin, Trinity and Tara – i want what SHE has

297 Amplifying Peace with Seaira, Shulamit, Kristin, Trinity and Tara

Last week I put out a call, and these women answered. Struck by a recent conversation I had about war vs. peace, I realized the misogyny in the idea of peace – as something naive, weak, emotional and decidedly feminine. So I wanted to double down on my wish for peace and 5 women showed up to help do just that, offering words, sound, meditation, breath, prayer, and love.

First is a meditative guided visualization from the wonderful Seaira O’Brien, multidimensional healer and word alchemist. She is followed by The Great Octave founder, Shulamit Elson who offered her signature Medisounds healing frequencies. Shulamit was on the show in November 2021 talking about grief and sound healing. Also returning to the show is Kristin Moshonas who brought us into our bodies, breath and hearts. She was on the show in May of this year talking about mental health and her work to support it. Trinity joined in studio with her guitar to set the tone for a song she wrote year’s ago about love and alchemy. Her sound healing work can be found here. Last but not least is my pal Tara Sanders who’s been a return guest several times. Today she guided us through a loving kindness practice sending prayers to ourselves and others. I asked her to mention the details about another event she is involved, HERSTORY: A symposium bringing together five film initiatives in the region that work to empower, celebrate and elevate female-identifying and non-binary folks in the film industry. HUDSY, Moonshot Initiative, Stockade Works, UPWIFT, and the Woodstock Film Festival will each present about their organizations, some of their past work, and the opportunities that each provides to engage with and encourage the continued expansion of diversity in the industry. This event is happening November 7th at the Rosendale Theatre.

I close the show with the Full Moon report, and mention another local happening, a screening of the film $AVVY at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck on Nov. 15th at 5:15pm: This film dives deep into the complexities surrounding women and money, uncovering the hidden narratives that have influenced our perceptions for generations. Directed by visionary filmmaker Robin Hauser, “$AVVY” is a captivating journey through time, culture, and society, examining the intricate relationship between women and money. From historical accounts that have shaped financial narratives to the unspoken rules that govern our modern world, this film unearths it all. Brought to you by Working for Women and Third Eye Associates.

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda of Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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