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298 Growing Women’s Wealth with Beth Bengtson – i want what SHE has

298 Growing Women’s Wealth with Beth Bengtson

Today I welcome Beth Bengtson from Working for Women back to the show. She catches us up on what they’ve been up to in supporting their mission to invest capital (dollars and skills) from businesses into nonprofits supporting women who want to enter and stay in the workforce to become financially independent. They are co-hosting a screening of the film $AVVY.  The film dives deep into the complexities surrounding women and money, uncovering the hidden narratives that have influenced our perceptions for generations. Directed by visionary filmmaker Robin Hauser, “$AVVY” is a captivating journey through time, culture, and society, examining the intricate relationship between women and money. From historical accounts that have shaped financial narratives to the unspoken rules that govern our modern world, this film unearths it all.

Related to their upcoming film screening we spend some time talking about the hurdles in moving more wealth to women and why getting it into the hands of women is vital to an equitable and thriving local and global community. The screening is taking place from 5:15pm – 7:15pm* November 15th at Upstate Films, Starr Theater, 6415 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY. *Film screening includes Q& A after Beth Bengtson of Working for Women and Beth Jones of Third Eye Associates, Ltd.

I fill up the remainder of the show talking about the energy of money and how and why to consider working with it in a spiritual way, channeling your inner mystic and calling upon your ancestors to help change your money story and your relationship to it.

Here are the articles I shared and the playlist referenced to get you in the mood for Samhain and a little money magic.

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