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310 Imbolc, Archetypes and Writing – i want what SHE has

310 Imbolc, Archetypes and Writing

WOAH! Starting season 7!?!!!!!

Today’s show dives into the many benefits of handwriting. Hint: It clarifies thinking; improves understanding, memory, and application; and improves communication.

Then we pivot to a Imbolc/Candlemas discussion. If you’re local, you can join the Center for Symbolic Studies folks to celebrate this weekend.

I share from a favorite publication, We’Moon to expand the conversation on Imbolc.

In preparation for the Imbolc holiday, I pull three Archetype cards and discuss their meanings: The Ring, The Thread and Aletheia.

Inspired by a doc about the first ladies of hip hop, I play some music in their honor.

Finally, I conclude with my self-care diary. Still jogging, even if it’s super slow!

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Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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