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321 Amy Daughters “Connecting Through Handwritten Letters” – i want what SHE has

321 Amy Daughters “Connecting Through Handwritten Letters”

Today on the show I get to welcome, Amy Daughters, a lauded Award-Winning Author and dynamic Keynote Speaker, who
envisions unity in diversity, where our disparities intertwine as bonds rather than divisions. By revitalizing the age-old art of handwritten letters, she revives human connections in an increasingly digital age. Infused with wit and humor. Amy draws from her experience crafting 580 handwritten letters to all her Facebook friends, illuminating the path to profound connections
in the unlikeliest corners. With acclaimed works like “Dear Dana” and “You Cannot Mess This Up,” Amy inspires others to embrace vulnerability, proving that genuine kinship thrives even in unexpected spheres.

Today she shares the compelling story about reconnecting with a childhood camp friend through handwritten letters and how that changed the trajectory of her life from writing 580 of her Facebook “friends” letters to learning the art of connecting despite our perceived and even real differences. Her ability to convey the magic in her lived experience is truly contagious. She emphasizes how you do not need to be a writer to write letters, and encourages everyone to try it at least once to see how it may impact themselves or another.

Here’s the Tarot Card reading I shared from Nikki Fogerty.

I end today’s show with a little self care talk with my Mom!

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