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330 Sheila Dvorak Galione “Painted Pathways” – i want what SHE has

330 Sheila Dvorak Galione “Painted Pathways”

Sheila Dvorak Galione is a writer, artist, singer, mother, healer, and intuitive coach who seeks to bring her insight and passion for the power of story to every aspect of her work. For years, Sheila supported non-profit and community organizations through grant writing and other responsibilities, but she stepped into the void to first process the passing of her sister and then clear the way for her to pursue her own work that allowed her a greater balance between work, motherhood and her health. She created Painted Pathways, a healing practice combining artistic expression, reflection, and conversation. Throughout the process, she assists others in creating a visual representation of your life, allowing you to see your strengths more clearly, and identify where you can visualize growth and change. When she’s not doing this work, she’s directing school plays, writing music, and performing as Sheila Dee with the band Sheila & The Deep End.

The band formed in 2014 and quickly grew from performing originals and covers during dinner theater shows, to opening sets for rockabilly band Lara Hope and the Ark-tones, to headlining historic venues and clubs around the Hudson Valley, including the Rosendale Theater and Live at The Falcon, among others. She writes and performs original, evocative, old-school rock-n-roll, and her debut album “Has to Be Real” is available on all streaming platforms and features melodies that take hold in the heart, funk that moves your feet and dynamic harmonies that fill your ears.

During our conversation, Sheila eloquently and authentically shares her life with us, from growing up in a musical family, to being disillusioned by Hollywood after a stint with a reality show and moving to the Hudson Valley where she reconnects with her love of music. She openly shares about the unexpected loss of her sister and how she continues to move through the grief of it all including writing music with her in mind. She recommends the podcast Quit Happens to anyone else out there looking to make the leap, and she wants to bring back the Tributon to the Hudson Valley so if you too yearn to join forces with other musicians to honor music’s faves, get in touch!

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