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#143 Beth Bengston is Working for Women – i want what SHE has

#143 Beth Bengston is Working for Women

Beth Bengtson believes that real change happens when business talent supports non-profit missions, when women achieve economic independence, and personal passion meets organizational focus! She started WorkingForWomen (W4W) to provide a new operating structure that taps into all these pillars.

She learned the power of purpose-driven business practices through years of education and professional experience. She has an MBA from Schiller International University in Paris, France, and a BS in management from Penn State University; and is certified in empowerment design and facilitation through the Empowerment Institute. She has spent 20 years in leadership roles on the agency side and in-house at organizations large and small, facilitating change through communications internally and externally. Her focus is on helping organizations evolve and be purpose-driven.

Her work is strengthened by an energetic family – two adolescent boys, two dogs, and her husband – biking, hiking, skiing, and kayaking. Any remaining free time is spent with friends or alone in nature.

Beth says the key to success is taking baby steps toward your goals each day.

Today we talk about how she’s fared personally during the pandemic, the state of women’s issues/work and funding, what she’s up to at W4W and taking care of our shared outdoor spaces. You can learn more about and make a donation to the Wallkill Valley Land Trust here.

Here’s the info for Raising Hope’s Fundraiser, Thursday, October 29th, 7-8pm.

Here’s the info for Seasoned Gives Domestic Violence Awareness Yoga with Tara Sanders, Saturday, October 31st, 12-1pm.

And here’s a link to my Full Moon Manifestation Zoom class on Friday, October 30th, 10am.

Want to explore Samhain, here’s a place to start!

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