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236 “Politics and Spirituality” with Marielena Ferrer and Mya Bailey – i want what SHE has

236 “Politics and Spirituality” with Marielena Ferrer and Mya Bailey

Today, Marielena steers the ship and is joined by artist and art historian/historian Mya Bailey for this month’s installment of Politics and Spirituality. Theresa and baby Aiden do make a guest appearance. Today’s conversation approaches reproductive freedom from the perspective of justice and equity and where it’s lacking in the health care system. Mya has focused much of her art on the idea of race and how it’s both impacted her internally as well as externally. Marielena brings themes from this recent NY Time’s Article to the conversation, and we learn about Mya’s artwork placement in the Yale University’s Art and Art History journal @asteriskjournal.

You can find Marielena engaged in the an/aesthetics opening Sunday August 14, 6-9pm. 177 Binnewater Road.

The show at this location will change and evolve over the next 10 months. Please follow @anaesthetics_rosekill to track this experimental outdoor exhibition.

As an/aesthetics suggests, we sought projects that reimagine collective assumptions about the aesthetically acceptable. For example, how might new paradigms emerge with mutuality and reciprocity, inclusivity, regeneration, imperfection, entanglement, slowness and authenticity? Can we create space for bodily intelligence, the imperceptible, irregularity, playfulness and nonsense?

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda from

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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