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#130 Morgan Millogo and Meg Affonso of “Tabs & Clea” and “BODY” – i want what SHE has

#130 Morgan Millogo and Meg Affonso of “Tabs & Clea” and “BODY”

Morgan Millogo graduated with a BFA in Film and Television Production from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. A Washington native, Morgan spent five years as part of the Seattle Indy film scene as an actor and director and was also a Burlesque Performer and Emcee. After the unexpected death of her father, Morgan lived as a nomad and became a Certified Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner and Yogi. Now relocated to the Hudson Valley, Morgan most recently worked as Head of Production at InsideRisk LLC and part of the core content team, overseeing the development of an interactive television series as well as live multi-media events throughout the world focused on fostering critical thinking. Her recently released web series, TABS AND CLEA, marks her first project as a writer, actor, director and producer since the passing of her father in 2010. 

Meg Affonso is an intuitive artist, actor, choreographer, writer, producer & director; she is a gifted storyteller who has the performing arts ingrained in her soul. Meg has performed in a variety of theatrical productions, ranging from musical theatre to dramatic plays. Meg has studied various forms of dance throughout her life and has performed in film, web series productions, commercials & television. Meg has written two screenplays & a stage play and continues to be open to art in all of its forms. Meg’s mission is to tell stories that matter & to help others by introducing them to art as a multifaceted healing modality. She is one of the cast of Tabs & Clea and has an upcoming performance show titled, BODY, happening at the Albany Center Gallery the next three consecutive Sundays. Morgan directed the short film which will be a part of the performance.

Tabs & Clea: Tabs, a psychic who has dedicated her life to helping people, has fallen into a crisis of faith.  When her audacious ex-roommate, Clea, unexpectedly shows up and demands to know why Tabs has stopped using her gift, Tabs is forced to face and discover the truth of a tragedy she did not foresee.

BODY: Sundays, August 2, 9, & 16, from [2:00] – 4:00 p.m. — Meg Affonso and Albany Center Gallery present BODY, an experiential and immersive art installation that explores the sacred connection between the body and the soul that exists in each individual. The public is invited to attend free of charge (ages 12 & up, content not suitable for small children). Signing up in advance is recommended to reserve a spot, but walk-ins are accepted if there is available room. Do so here: Shows are filling up!

The elements of BODY include: three short dance/dialogue-based films, live sculpture + movement, an immersive audience experience, collective artistic creation, photography, and movement labs and release through writing that will be transformed into physical art that represents rebirth. BODY is inspired by the poem “I Sing the Body Electric” by Walt Whitman and also by the current events in today’s world. BODY is representative of the struggles that individuals face from birth through death and the beauty that exists in between all of the difficulties. BODY is an examination of our ego, prejudices, biases and the truth of what we can be if we choose to grow and live our soul’s truth. This piece is a collective experience for the community not just by telling a story, but also by encouraging art as a path to the healing and joy that we can all experience no matter our backgrounds or beliefs.

Today we talk about being storytellers, relationships, their work, ego and women in TV and film. Lots of fun, lots of laughs too!

And here’s the previous show with Maria we mentioned!

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