261 Spirituality, Politics and Self Love with Marielena Ferrer

On this month’s installment of Spirituality and Politics, Marielena and I discuss the latest big media campaign for Jesus, “He Gets Us.” We share our thoughts on the goals of this campaign and what it might mean for Christianity. Is this a good thing? Will it really begin to behave like Jesus, and love thy neighbor? Naturally this leads us to talk about cults, but in a productive way, I hope. We talk about the points from this New Yorker article about how people find themselves in high demand groups and why it’s hard to leave. How invested are we in our beliefs? What do we sacrifice by not allowing them to evolve with us? Somehow we got on the subject of Madonna and ageism which in a way relates to our final conversation on self love. We leave you with a self love, Valentine’s Day, challenge to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Can you do it fully naked in front of a body mirror? That’s some powerful self love!

Plus, Warren and Manuel share top influential women in history. Can you do better than me at guessing them?

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda from Radiokingston.org.

Our show music is from Shana Falana!

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