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#176 Mariaelena Ferrer “Spirituality and Politics” – i want what SHE has

#176 Mariaelena Ferrer “Spirituality and Politics”

Back at it for another round of deep thoughts and wild talks with Mariaelena.

The second Monday of the month is inspired by the book, Espiritualidad y Politica, which was published 10 years ago, of which Mariaelena was a contributor. She is also the Executive Director of Humanamente — a diversity and inclusion consulting organization, Chair of the Athena Network New York — a psychosocial support network in the area of social services, health, and specifically in mental health, for immigrants experiencing psychological challenges related to the migratory process, a board member of the Family of Woodstock, a member of the Arts Mid-Hudson Advisory Board, and Kingston’s City Arts Commission.

Today, we veer ever so slightly away from the book and into the realm of taxes and billionaires, inspired by the recent Propublica Article revealing how little they pay in proportion to their wealth. In addition to the article, our conversation is also inspired by the documentary film Saving Capitalism based on the book by Robert Reich.

Send us any and all thoughts, we love to hear them. Thank you to Anthony for sharing his thoughts from our May conversation!

Today’s show was engineered by Ian Seda of Radio Kingston.

Our show music is from Shana Falana !!!

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