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#186 Jayla Kai “Debut EP Epitome” – i want what SHE has

#186 Jayla Kai “Debut EP Epitome”

Jayla Kai grew up in Woodstock, a town synonymous with the pureness of music. It evokes a togetherness where the community has each other’s back and the culture is almost symptomatic of its people (Dylan, Bowie, Van Morrison, Levon Helm). Kai cites a handful of local musicians who have served as key mentors to her. Kieran Hebden (Four Tet), is one of these key mentors who has inspired and encouraged her. Kai’s Debut EP, Epitome, is out now following the release of her crunching single Apple Tree and Kai’s introductory track, I Can’t Lie. As far as opening bows go, Epitome EP is as confident as you’ll hear. It’s the sound of an artist quickly in-tune with her writing and finding a distinct voice that is completely her own. The songs she shares here are sharp, literate, and expressive on an EP that zips and shuffles; all melody and poetry. Epitome is a bold statement of intent. Listen to “Epitome” by Jayla Kai here:

On today’s show she shares about finding her creative instinctive voice, the making of her debut EP, making music, performing and staying authentic as life and career evolves. We heard the songs, Paperread, Apple Tree, and I Can’t Lie from “Epitome.”

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